How to Get Scribd Premium Account 2018 Legally


How to Get Scribd Premium Account 2018 Legally - It seems that it’s in people’s nature to enjoy free perks, which leads to methods in getting know many things, including how to get Scribd Premium account 2018. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like free gift? When you can enjoy something – especially things that you like without having to pay anything – it is something that you can highly appreciate and like. If you are into reading books or written documents, or such thing alike, then you may like the idea about Scribd existence and how to enjoy the available features. So, what can you gain from free account and how to manage it?

How to Get Scribd Premium Account 2018 Legally

Understanding Scribd

So, what’s Scribd, anyway, and why it becomes such a big fuss? First of all, it is like the digital library containing a lot of written documents, folders, and files that members can download and achieve. If you are looking for an audio book or e-book, you will easily find the titles there. It is said that the digital library has 60 million of different documents in their system with more than one million of titles. If you like reading so much or you need a lot of written sources, joining Scribd will be like a heaven for you.

The site has undergone quite a long history in its existence – more than a decade already. The website was founded by Tikhon Bernstam, Jared Friedman, and Trip Adler in 2007 with the original headquarter is in San Francisco. The establishment is being supported by Redpoint Ventures, Charles River Venture, Y Combinator, and also Khosla Ventures.

The thing about this site is that you can always join it as the paid member or the free one. Even if you decide to stay as the free member, you can still download and access the files. But mind you that the services are pretty limited and you may not be able to find all of the files that you want although they may be available there. If you choose to be the paid member, you can enjoy several perks of your own. First of all, the membership (which means the access and also compatibility with mobile devices) can apply to different devices. The service can be accessed by any device operating with iOS or Android. You can also use tablets, PCs, Nook, or Kindle Fire to access the website and also the files.

Members are allowed to access 3 books from the various publishers, such as HarperCollins, Lonely Planet, Harlequin, Bloomsbury, Wiley and Workman, Simon & Schuster, Perseus Book Group, and many more. If you want to calculate and put them into a list, the list may contain 1000 more of names.

The reason why people want to know about how to get Scribd Premium account 2018 is because of the tons of perks that members will definitely enjoy. With the Premium subscription, you will be allowed to get access and read thousands of files. Not only the ordinary files but the ones that are popular and professionally published ones. What about the genres? Be sure that you can reveal the access to different kinds of topics and genres.

This is often the link where beginner writers often use to launch their work. Will you be able to submit essays and short stories? Of course you can! In fact, users are contributing quite actively to publish their work. As it was mentioned before, Scribd is a heaven for written documents or files. And most people don’t really mind with the monthly expenses they make to get the access to the premium service. With ‘only’ $9 a month, it is definitely a great bargain –especially when you are able to gain access to thousands of books without complication or fuss.

Scribd Free Account 2018

  • If we aren’t a member to the site at all, you can still download and get the contents although the numbers are pretty limited
  • If you are the free member (meaning that you are a member but you don’t have to pay anything), then you are allowed to access 3 files on the monthly basis.
  • There are no limit to how many books or documents you can access on the monthly basis – well, at least for now. The service plans to put a restriction to the numbers of books made available to the paid members on the monthly basis, but until then, the paid members are free to access the written documents as many as they like.

A word of advice, though. You can’t always expect Scribd to provide the newest and most current books for your needs. You may be able to get the titles that you want later on, at some points of time, especially after the books are made available. But it is a sure thing that you may get the access to the books soon or later.

Getting the Premium Access without Spending a Dime

  1. Username: [email protected]Password: Airboy18
  2. Username: [email protected]Password: panther
  3. Username[email protected]Password: jw060371

Although the offer to the Premium account costs you $9 a month, you have to admit that it is quite a bargain, especially since you are able to gain access to hundreds of books easily and without having to spend extra money anymore. If you want to use your logic, it offers super benefits for all of your needs. There is no need for you to know how to get Scribd Premium account 2018. Moreover, the ability to get this access will provide ease of mind because you won’t have to worry that you may violate the regulations or you may get caught doing something illegal.

But if you are still wondering how to get Scribd Premium account 2018, the only possible way is to try the free trial period, which will last for 30 days. It can be done when you upgrade your membership account to the Premium service. First you need to sign up for the membership first – the free one would be fine. And then, upgrade it to the Premium one. Once you agree to provide your personal information regarding your financial account, you can try the free trial for the next 30 days.

Scribd Premium Account Username And Password 2018

Mind you, though, that you may have to provide the information to your credit card numbers before you click on the Agree button. In this way, Scribd will automatically renew your membership and charge you for it. If you don’t cancel your subscription within 24 hours before the trial period is over, then the Premium membership will be automatic. That’s why you should know when to cancel if you don’t want to pay for it.

Such automatic charge is applicable when you sign up for Premium membership and you want it to renew automatically on the monthly basis. But if you someday decide to stop the membership and yet you still have the remaining period, you can still use your membership and the privilege although you have canceled it. For instance, let’s say that you have subscribed for this October and your membership will end by the end of the month.

You decide to cancel the membership in the middle of the month. You still have the rights to access the hundreds of files within unlimited manner until the end of October when your membership is finally expired. It’s fair and square, and you definitely get what you are paying for.

What if you want to turn off the auto membership renewal system? You can do it, but you will have to get into your account and choose Settings on the official site. If you purchase the membership from iTunes, then you have to get into your iTunes account. Simply follow the directions and you should be good to go. One thing to remember, though, that you will have to abide the regulations set by Apple (and your iTunes account) when you are using it to manage the purchase. Whatever problems that may happen during the membership, it is your business with Apple (and iTunes) and it is no longer Scribd business.Possible Ways to Get Access to the Documents and Files.

Just because you are trying to get a free access to the website and learn about how to get Scribd Premium account 2018, it doesn’t mean that you are about to do something illegal. Knowing how to manage the account with Premium coverage without having to pay anything is definitely something that is worth trying. Not everyone has $9 to spend on the monthly basis – well, at least, not students or families with other needs. Don’t blame yourself if you are trying this path and testing the water!

Uploading Documents

Basically, it works like ‘You provide the documents and you can also have a free document’ system. So, if you want to get the free documents, you need to upload one first. How to do it?

  • Create an account in Scribd official website.
  • Once you are in, search for the document you want to view and download. Copy the URL on a Word or Note – whatever app outside the site.
  • Don’t press on the button ‘Download’. Instead, see the above part of the page and you will see the option ‘Upload and select files.’
  • Click on it and prepare anything that you want to upload
  • Once it has been uploaded, you need to click the button ‘Save’
  • Now, remember the URL that you have saved earlier? Take it and then paste it on the address bar on the browser
  • The download button will appear, enabling you to save the document to your device.
  • Mind you, though, that you may have to edit the page’s HTML. This will enable you get the document offline. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you should be able to convert this needed document to pdf format.

Accessing the Page Source Code

Basically, you will ‘command’ the browser to view the source code so you can get the access to the source’s info. Mind you, though, that this method doesn’t always work successfully. In case this method fails, you will get a message that you experience invalid key error. If you already get this message, then there is no use to try further. You should move on. But this is basically the most popular way to try accessing the files without having to pay a dime.

How do you manage it?

  • First of all, you want to use Firefox because its success rate is higher than Chrome or other browser.
  • When you get into the preview section (of the document), click on the button ‘View Page Source’.
  • A new and fresh tab will be opened on the browser containing the source info of the Scribd target
  • Go to this page, and press both CTRL and F buttons so you can find the UI in the browser.
  • Once you see the field, type ‘access key’
  • When you have found the result in the resource code, highlight it.
  • Copy the code. You should see the ‘key-xxxxxxxx’ symbol because it is the alphanumeric code.
  • Go back to the original page and check the URL. If the source is legit, you will see it as
  • Open another new tab in Firefox. You will have to combine the access key, ID document number, and the partial URL.
  • Type it in as id=NUMBER&access key=key-ACCESS KEY
  • You will have to replace the number with ID document and the access key with the one you got
  • If you do it right, you will have to wait for several minutes because your file will be downloading from the server of Scribd.
  • If the loading has completed, go with print option and your computer will save the document.

Final Words How to Get Scribd Premium Account 2018

Don’t forget that people at Scribd don’t want their collections to be made available for free, so they will try their best to protect the site. There is no guarantee that any attempt to ‘fool’ the site will work – well, except for the free trial period and the first attempt of uploading your files. Knowing about how to get Scribd Premium account 2018 won’t hurt anyone and you can always try it.

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