How Long Does It Take to Renew Passport 2018


How Long Does It Take to Renew Passport 2018 - Not everyone knows about how long does it take to renew a passport. Different people may have different questions. Some of them may wonder about the procedure to renew the passport. People are wondering whether they can renew their expired passport without going through the process from the beginning. Some people are wondering about the best time to do the renewal. To answer all of these questions, it is better for you to know some of the basic facts about the procedure.

How Long Does It Take to Renew Passport?

How Long Does It Take to Renew Passport

How Long Does It Take to Renew Passport

When Would Be the Right Time?

take to renew a passport

take to renew a passport

So, before you are asking the questions how long does it take to renew a passport, know when would be the right time to do so. If your passport is about to expire in the upcoming 6 months to 7 months, renewing it right now would be the best time. In case your passport has expired, you still have 5 years from the expiration date to renew it – and you won’t have to deal with the new passport procedure anymore.

Keep in mind, though, that not all passports can be renewed? So, what are the categories that make them illegible for the renewable process?

  • The passport should be in your own or possession. In the event that the passport was stolen or lost, you will have to replace it – not renewing it.
  • The passport should be in an intact and good condition. If your passport is badly damaged, you can’t renew it. Instead, you have to apply for the mutilated passport replacement.
  • When the last of your passport was issued, you should be, at least 16 years of age. The renewal passport isn’t meant for minor. Kids under 16 years of age will have to apply for minor passport whose validity will last for 5 years. Let’s say that you got your minor passport when you were 14 and then now you have turned 19. You can apply for the adult passport for the first time
  • If your expired passport has been more than 5 years, you can’t renew it anymore. Instead, you will have to undergo the procedure to get a new passport.

So, it is safe to say that you should renew your passport when:

  • It has just recently expired. If it is still under the 5-years time limit, you can renew it as soon as possible.
  • Your passport is about to expire in the next following months.

In some cases, you may want to do early renewal if these conditions apply to you:

  • You have just changed your name legally, with the passport was issued several years ago – at least it was more than a year past
  • Passport is about to run out the black pages (for the visa)
  • Password is damaged or has worn signs, like the pages have curled edges
  • Your appearance has dramatically changed since the last passport of yours was last issues, like drastic weight loss or extreme weight gain

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The Process to Renew the Passport

The Process to Renew the Passport

The Process to Renew the Passport

Now it is time to know how long does it take to renew a passport after you know the categories of passport renewal eligibility. First, you need to know the procedures of renewing the passport. The stages are pretty simple, really, as long as you know how to manage everything.

  • Be sure that you have all the needed documents to renew the passport.
  • You need to have the current passport
  • The renewal application form that has been filled online or even offline. It should be available in the printed form
  • A passport photo
  • The photocopy of ID card or driver license
  • Travel plan proof or flight itinerary – this is only necessary if you need to renew an expedited passport
  • The proof of name change, if there is any or if such thing happened
  • Renewal fee check. If it is the renewal process, the cost is $110. If it is for expedited passport, it is $170. The check should be made for ‘US Department of State’
  • You have the application (for the passport) processed in several ways.
  • We can mail the passport renewal application to National Passport Center
  • You can visit US Passport Agencies to process the application. You can find them at major cities and the passport will be immediately processed on the site. This is super handy if you are in a hurry
  • We can have Passport Expediting Company process it. If you want to renew the expedited passport, you can always send the needed documents to trusted and reputable company. They will hand carry the application to Passport Agency so you can have fast processing.

If you want to know how long does it take to renew a passport, there are different time periods for different types of passport or different condition. Here is the general plan:

  • When you apply for passport renewal through mail, the overall process can take around 8 weeks.
  • If you apply for expedited passport renewal through mail, it takes around 2 weeks to 3 weeks to complete. Plus, you will have to pay an extra $60 for government fees

If you want to have a fast renewable processing time, you can go to passport expediting company or go to Passport Agency by yourself. Don’t forget to call them (National Passport Information Center) first to make the appointment. If you hire the service of Passport Expediting Companies, you can get your passport renewed in 24 hours – you won’t have to go to the service on your own or make any appointment. However, be advised that such a method may be costly because you will be hiring them for their service. If you don’t mind spending extra and you are pretty busy, then this method may be your best option.

Emergency Situation

Emergency Situation Renew Passport

Emergency Situation Renew Passport

When if there is an emergency situation? Let’s say that a family member abroad is sick or just passed away, and you just remembered that you haven’t renewed your passport at all. In the short while, you will have to leave next week but you are doubtful that you can go abroad because of your passport situation?

No need to worry – there are several exceptions for emergency situation, and it covers shorter renewed time too. If your questions of how long does it take to renew a passport, the answer would be different for emergency situation, like yours. As long as you can provide the proof for such a short-notice travel, you can show it to the passport renewal center. Naturally, you should come in person and not using the mail. Don’t forget that using the mail will be longer than coming on your own. If you can show the proof and everything is valid, it is most likely that your passport can be renewed in just some business days.

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Go to the closest passport regional agency in your area – don’t forget to make the appointment first. Tell them your situation and they will try their best to process everything fast. However, the processing time also depends on the situation and traffic, such as travel season or such thing alike. But in most cases, your passport can be renewed in between 1 to 3 business days.

As you can see, the process to renew your passport isn’t difficult at all. And if you previously have the question about how long does it take to renew a passport, now you know the facts, don’t you?

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