7 Best Free Email Marketing Software 2018

  1. Best Free Email Marketing Software 2018 - Digital marketing is now becoming popular for most companies to market themselves with more customers,that is using best free email marketing software 2018. Along with the use of internet-connceted devices, digital marketing becomes a very prominent area of business management,thus,the use of email marketting services is quite considerable instead of the use of traditional methods like printing and distributing leaflets.

Email marketing software has a big role in assisting the companies to send brand and product information as long as offering things like sales and discounts. Although everyone and the customers around the world have an email account to get accessible with your company and you can simply send email, but you must need the right emailmarketing software to succeed.

Herein, we would like to higlight the best free email marketing software 2018 for your ideas and consideration that may be helpful. Check them out below!

Best Free Email Marketting Software 2018

Best Free Email Marketting Software 2018

Best Free Email Marketting Software 2018


1. Bronto



Bronto is one of the easy-to-use solutions pitched at retailers. It is well-known for its email marketing software packages which provides commerce marketing automation for your business necessity. The target markets of Brontois the retailcompanies which is integrating specialist services like Netsuita and Magento.

How to Use Bronto for Email Marketing

Bronto helps you manage the customers’s database about their email addresses and personalize campaigns to target the special and specific customers at the right moment. So if you are running a sale on teenagers clothes, then you can target the customers under 20 years old.

As one of the best free email marketing software 2018, Bronto is aimed at medium-sized and enterprise organizations. To make you sure about the existance of Bronto, you need to know that Bronto have already been used almost by major retailers and manufacturers like Everlast, Not On The High Streetand Clarks.

Bronto pros :

  • Bronto Email Marketing is a third-party friendly where you can share the use of marketting software easily.
  • This Email Marketing is alsp very customisable in which you can manage the settings and all about the data base of your email marketing.
  • The mainly centred around automation provides you an ease to use the software.

Bronto cons :

  • The only minus point of Bronto as an email marketting software is that it possesses limited market reach. It cuase you having suc limited ideas or actions along with the software.

2. CommuniGator



CommuniGator comes as a solution for quick and easy campaign creation. It is coming with the features of web platform,enabled email templates and database, 14-day free trial, and enabled thrid-party integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce,Sage,and GoldMine.

CommuniGator is one of the well-respected companies offering free email marketing and automation software for some businesses which are small and medium-sized. It provides you the firm’s email marketing tools which allow you to carry out email-campaigns only in a couple of minutes. Thus,you don’t have to master coding as well as design skill.

As one of the best free email marketing sofware 2018, CommuniGator offers a suite package with an expert-designed templates in order to carry out the campaigns to look good. Along with the drag-and-drop editor, you can add different elements easily based on the kinds of campaign you are on. Every email account has a well-presented design on mobile devices. Thus, there will be enough availability to send emails to a specific audience.

Communigator pros :

  • CommuniGator has a quick and easy campaign creation so that you can run on your campaign by creating the idea of campain as you wish.
  • It has very expert-design templates that will attract you and encourage you more to send email and more email to your target markets so you will have a large amout of customers.
  • The enterprise-oriented of ComuniGator enables you to focus on what you are working with.
  • Along with the integration which is sales-oriented, you will be able to integrate the use of email marketing software effectively.

Communigator cons :

  • The use of CommuniGator as one of the bets free email marketing 2018 is mostly suitable for a product campaigns only. So you can use it for other kinds of marketing area only in limited way.

3. MailChimp



Designed to have more features to support email marketing,MailChimp comes with a web,android and iOS platforms. The enabled email templates and email database, MailChimp provides you an easy way to manage your business using this software.

MailChimp also possesses third-party integration. Those are with Shopify,WooCommerce, Magento and Big Commerce. Imagine how easy and flexible it will be if you use MailChimp as one of the best emailmarketing software 2018. It offers also a free version of free trial. This is very beneficial either for beginner or for experienced users. Free trial is the one that most people are looking for from the software.

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Launched in 2001, MailChimp is a veteran and leader in its arena. It allows the users to create as well as send professional marketing emails for the customers’ database. MailChimp is built-in designed so that you can select the templates and edit them as you want. You can add some other elements such as clickable text, graphics and logos. Other thing you can do to maximize the use of this software is to designed your own email from scratch if you have a coding skill.

MailChimp is good at integration front, too,partcularly for online retailers. You will be able to make alink for the system up to the services such as Shopify,Magento and WooCommerce to send a product campaigns. It is also possible for you to analyse its performance through the feature of report which is available. As a free email marketing software, yes, MailChimp is free-to-use.

Mailchimp pros :

  • MailChimp can be used through mobile apps so that you can make your marketing easily and flexibly straight from your mobile devices whenever you need to and wherever you are.
  • The useful analysis reports will help you analyse the performance of your campaigns once you have unleashed your campaigns.

Mailchimp cons :

  • Although this software is free to use, there are still premium business package you’ll need to purchase. So you must pay attention to the package you are going to take. Just be careful.
  • There is also a lack of mid-range price plan where you are limited to use the software.
  • UI can sometimes be complicated and this causes you a distraction as well as discomfort.

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4. Mapp Digital

mapp digital

mapp digital

Have you been familiar with Mapp Digital? It is the tailored email marketing software you can try. Mapp Digital was created by the BlueHornet Networks and TeraData. It comes in all sizes of package tools deigned for online marketers. Maap Digital covers some crucial areas including email, social, mobile push and web marketing. The easy-to-use dashboard of Maap Digital enables the companies to design a successful campaigns.

There are more than 3000 companies using this software such as Puma, Thomas Cook,Xerox and many more. This sofware provides customer-centric along with the large amount of regard for brand image and generating valuable results from the audiences..

Mapp Digital pros :

  • Maap Digital offers tailored services which are very useful related to the use of email marketing.
  • The simple online daschboard makes you easy to handle and manage the email marketing so that you can cary out your business well and more organized.

Mapp Digital cons :

  • There is no free trial you can expect from this software. The free trial is for demo only.that’s why you must be careful if you are a beginner.
  • Maap Digital has no third-party integration. This may cause you a limited action to do you business using email marketing.
  • Although some packages are given a free charge, there are still prices which are not transparet. Thus, you must be selective to choose the package.

5. Adobe Campaign


Adobe Campaign is the one on the list of best free email marketing software 2018 which best combine online and offline channels. It comes as a solution with the web plaforms and the ability of email templates and email database. This is very useful in the email management.

How to Use Adobe Campaign for Email Marketing

Adobe Campaign is also the leader in its email marketing arena. It means that this kind of software has broadly been used and existed up to this modren era although social media has been coming up as one of the marketing solution,too. It gives you the capability to personalize and deiver a marketing push including online and offline channels. Thus, when you don’t have any interbet connection, yes, you can still go with Adobe Campaign for sure.

It enables you to create campaigns by using drag-and-drop platform, identifying apporpriate customers lines by using the integrated profiles, send contextual and timely campaigns, use energy and campaign automation, as well as obtain the reports about how good your campaign are performing.

Adobe Campaign pros :

  • The company is proven so that you can feel sure about using this software.
  • The personalized experience will help you personalize your emailmarketing so that you can maximize in using the software.

Adobe Campaign cons :

  • This software provides no free trial. It is for demo only. So that you must be careful to try this software if you are considered as a beginner.
  • It provides no third-party integration which may cause you a limited area of email marketing.

6. Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor

Another best free email marketing software 2018 is Shutterstock Editor. It is well-known for its ability to create high visul email along with the web platform. Sutterstock offers a database of premium stock images. It has been just launched as an easy-to-use an web based app so thay you will be able to rapidly upload, edit, publish and share your company’s assets.

The high visual images are offered by this type of software for the businesses in their campaigns. There are recently 1000 million images which covering adiverse range of categories. The templates are designed in a professioonal way. It allows you to search images with high quality,edit photos and illustration using the available tools, specify and personalize the design by uploading the logos, and finally publish your creation on social media to promote.

Shutterstock Editor pros :

  • Shutterstock Editor provides an ability to create an impressive visual campaign of your product so that the people will be more attracted to be the customer. This offers you a benefit to widely promote your product and obtain more customers.
  • The large selection of stock images enablesyou to select some of those images which suit your preference and necessity.

Shutterstock Editor cons :

  • This type of software does not provide email template and email database. Thus,it will be rather difficult to manage your email marketing.
  • No third-party integration also makes distraction to your email marketing. Its limitation makes you find the other software which is offering third-party. This takes time,exactly.
  • No free trial is another limit. People will not consider this emailmarketing software because they can’t get free trial.

7. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

The one free email marketing software provinding tons of useful integraton is Campaign Monitor. This kind of software has a lot to offer. It is best designed with web platforms, enabled email templates and email database as well as third-party integration. The third-party integration includes Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, Magento and Google Analytics. This feature is very helpful for you to maximize the use of Campaign Monitor as one of the best free email marketing software 2018.

How to Use Campaign Monitor for Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor enables you to create completely branded and personalized messages for customers due to he fact that this software is constructed to be a professional-grade email builder. If you have just created a campaign, you can make a schedule to have a set of time. It mens that you have to inform the customer some hours earlier just before the due time.

Along with this emailmarketing software, you will be able to list the management of the facilities. You can manage all of the customers emails and arrange them in such a way into target segments. You need to know that this software has already been used by more than 200.000 business worldwide.

Campaign Monitor pros :

  • Campaign Monitor offers varied business app integration which is very useful to develop your business into the larger one using email marketing software called Campaign Monitor.
  • The feature-rich email builder makes you possible to send email more and more in a quick way.

Campaign Monitor cons :

  • You may take time to get used to do with this software, especially when you are a beginner.
  • The free-trial is not available. It is for demo only. Thus you must be sure vefore finally making a decision to use this software.

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Conlcusion best free email marketting software 2018

Out of the 7 best free email marketing software 2018, you may come to the conclusion that anytypes of software you are going to use is all useful. You need only to look for one which is best appropriate to your business necessity. Pay attention to its features and abilities so that you can find the one that really suit your needs.


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