Best Android Spy Apps that Turn You into a Real 007


Nowadays Android smartphones offer users a myriad of features, thanks to special apps released on the Play Store. With today's article, I'll point out a list of Android spy applications that can be used only and only being able to count on the consent of the user you intend to trace. Besides, the privacy of another person is at stake. Therefore, if you are jealous, worried and looking for the truth or if you are unsure of the activity of your employees, before installing them pay attention to the possible consequences, in order to avoid stumbling upon unpleasant legal events (at least it is so in many of These). So here are the best Android spy applications that turn you into a real 007.

SPY Message: The first application of the list is the typical of a secret agent that respects itself, since its logic of operation concerns all around the sending of an SMS that it destroys itself after the recipient has read it. Practical, comfortable and easy to use.

AutoCallRecorder: As the name suggests, the primary purpose of the free Application released by Roman G on the Play Store is to record all incoming and outgoing calls. It can be useful in the legal field. With the speakerphone, the quality level of the recorded audio is largely higher.

Cell Tracker: The ideal application for all those who work in transport companies, where delivery times are of paramount importance. By no means invasive and simple to use, Cell Tracker allows you to monitor on the map the movements of the connected mobile devices. You will be able to know at any time where the X employee is or if the parcel has been delivered. Precision, reliability and minimum battery consumption its strong points.

Secret Video Recorder: If you want to record everything that happens nearby, without giving in the eye, what do you expect to download on your Android device the app of Zero Noise apps? Leave your smartphone in the room, start the app, and the videotape will start as soon as the motion is detected in front of the lens.

Children Tracker: We conclude the list of Android spy applications with one of those developed specifically to protect minors. Without spending a single cent of euros, parents have the opportunity to control their children's smartphones at 360 degrees, from incoming calls to outgoing phones, from sending to receiving SMS, until they reach the use of various social networks . Excellent geolocation function that will allow parents to know at any time the position of minors.

With these Android spy applications you will be in full effect the 007 of the third millennium. Only eye on using them intelligently.

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