Att Spying On Customers


  • Nsa Warrantless Surveillance 2001 2007 Wikipedia

    NSA warrantless surveillance also commonly referred to as "warrantless-wiretapping" or "-wiretaps" refers to the surveillance of persons within the United States, including United States citizens, during the collection of notionally foreign intelligence by the National Security Agency NSA as part of the Surveillance Program. The NSA was authorized to monitor, without obtaining a .

  • A Huge Security Hole In Att Directv Gives Hackers An Easy

    A spokesperson from Belkin, the owner of Linksys, told Forbes Wednesday it had "provided the firmware fix to DirecTV and they are working to expedite software updates to the affected equipment."AT .

  • Room 641a Wikipedia

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF filed a class-action lawsuit against AT T on , accusing the telecommunication company of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency NSA in a massive, illegal program to wiretap and data-mine Americans' communications. On , a federal judge denied the government's .

  • How Companies Learn Your Secrets The New York Times

    The desire to collect information on customers is not new for Target or any other large retailer, of course. For decades, Target has collected vast amounts of data on every person who regularly .

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